An Ultimate Guide To Add Music On Instagram Story

If you’re looking to make vertical movies, you should know that Animoto includes access to hundreds of licenced tunes. Animoto: Social Video Editor, our iOS app, also has access to hundreds of licenced music tracks. Learn more about both apps and how to incorporate them into your Instagram Stories below, or skip through to our compilation of seven peppy commercial songs perfect for your next IGTV commercial.

Instagram Story music

Over sixty percent of Instagram Story viewers have the volume turned up. In addition, our iOS app now has over 700 professionally licenced songs in addition to the hundreds available in the Animoto online app.

The Animoto team carefully selected each song in our Music Library with your films in mind. Simple sorting tools make it possible to quickly zero in on the ideal tune.

The Key to Your Vibrant Instagram Video

With Animoto, you can make vertical videos in no time at all. You may select from tens of thousands of songs while using our movie making tools. The first steps are as follows:

Write the story

Create a new vertical video for your Story. You may either get started with a premade, editable design like the New Product Promo seen below, or you can start fresh. Pick a horizontal or square layout if that’s what you prefer! A vertical video can be converted at a later time.Third, pick some tunes.
After you’ve written your tale, find a tune that fits the mood you’ve established. To access your music library, select the Music tab. The Music Library will load up after you do that. These are the options for narrowing your search:

You may use our search bar at the top of the page to look for a certain song by typing in the title, the name of the artist, or a keyword.

Consider the tone you want to set with your Story while making your music selection. Choose some tunes with a sense of humour, inspiration, or drama to add to your article. Click See All Moods to access all of the moods.

There are over forty categories you may use to narrow your search in our library. Check out our wide range of genres, from hip hop and pop to the blues, jazz, acoustic music and rock. Click See All Genres to access every category.
Click the heart icon that displays next to a song in our Music Library if you want to add it to your list of favourites. Then go back to the Music Library and select Your Music to find it again.

Submit a song: Already have a favourite tune in mind? Click the Upload button in the Your Music section to add it to your Story.

You may also use a few more criteria to refine your search. To access all of our music, select either “See All Moods” or “See All Genres.” You’ll find not just filters for mood and genre, but also for tempo and whether or not the song is an instrumental. Under the Collections tab, you’ll also find your most-used lists, or Favourites.

Fine-tune your audio

After selecting a song, you may adjust it in a few ways so that it fits in with your Stories. Just underneath your desk, you’ll hear your new tune. A visual representing the music’s wavelengths will be shown, along with some other tools.
Add music to your Instagram Stories with our iOS app!

The Instagram Story Music stickers and the best practises for using sound in IG Stories are covered in detail in our comprehensive tutorial, How to Add Music to an Instagram Story. However, in this piece, we’ll show you how to use our iOS app to add music to your Instagram Story.

Get the IOS app

Our app requires an iOS device before you can proceed. The Social Video Editor by Animoto is available for no cost in the App Store. Watch the demo video down below to see how it operates.

Launch the app and create a new Tale. You have the option of starting from scratch or using a pre-made, editable template. Find out all there is to know about the app and how it works by reading our comprehensive guide.

Include sound

After the video has been made, you should choose an appropriate soundtrack. Select the Music tab, and then refine your search using the Emotion and Genre buttons.
Use the following criteria to narrow your music search:

  • Mood: Pick a tune that fits the feeling you want to portray in your Story. More than forty different emotional lenses await your selection.
  • Genre: Each genre in our library has its own section. We carry a wide variety of genres, including instrumental music, hip hop, pop, blues, country, jazz, and rock.
  • Just Recently: Do you rely on a select few staples? These will be filed away in the “Recently used” section of the music library for easy access in the future.
  • Best tunes to use with this format: If you’re starting with a sample, you’re in the clear. Each of our Story templates has been paired with a set list of music hand-picked by our staff.
  • Picked by the Editor: We’ve compiled a few playlists with excellent musical options for use in Instagram Stories.
  • Stacks of books: You can find music you haven’t heard before by searching through our extensive catalogue.