The Complete Guide: Broken Link Building

Google has made things more challenging for SEOs over the years. Many of the link-building strategies we’ve used for years no longer work, and some can even hurt your search engine rankings. In the wake of Penguin, it’s time to reevaluate your link-building strategy in order to find a fresh, secure, and fruitful approach.

With the aid of SEO PowerSuite and the broken link building technique, you can get the most authoritative sites in your niche to link back to you on your own volition and in a completely natural and Penguin-safe way.

What is broken link building?

When you click on a faulty link, you will get a 404 Not Found error. Creating backlinks to your own rewritten material from 404 pages is a white hat strategy known as “broken link building.” The idea of broken link construction is straightforward, and it boils down to just a few basic procedures. The steps are:

  • Investigate other websites for faulty connections.
  • Reach out to the sites that are connecting to others and suggest that they link to yours instead.
  • Substitute your own URLs for the ones that aren’t working.

How come broken link development is so effective?

SEOs’ love of broken link development begs the question: why? Simply put, it’s effective. There is no glory for a webmaster in sending people to a 404 page or an out-of-business enterprise. Furthermore, it is a scalable link-building approach that yields positive outcomes with low overhead.

Instead of just asking for a link, you’re actively helping the webmaster out by pointing out that they have a problem (broken links) and providing a solution (your link). (fixing the problem).

Create dozens of useful backlinks with minimal work.
Does that make sense? That’s correct, and yet the vast majority of SEOs continue to ignore the benefits of broken link building.

The key is to perform broken link building at a large enough scale that it becomes effective and lucrative.

In this article, you will learn a little-known hack (along with some SEO PowerSuite non-standard usage tips) that will allow you to run broken link building and honestly generate hundreds of backlinks for your site.

How to Fix a Lot of Broken Links at Once

Let’s get to work on your broken link building plan and discover the easiest way to acquire a large number of high-quality backlinks.

1. Use appropriate search terms

The most common pitfall when looking for potential link partners is to use your SEO phrases as search terms. In most cases, less competitive, more generic keywords that allow you to delve deeper into various facets of your specialty will lead you to excellent broken link sites.

Select broad terms, even if they are less frequently used, by sifting through your goal keywords. More keyword ideas can be found through the Rank Tracker keyword study software and the Google Keyword Planner.

2. Investigate potentially useful sites with missing connections

Finding sites that may have broken links is the next stage. 

Websites with lists of tools, links, etc., are more likely to have broken links.

In addition,.edu sites, which are extremely credible but often neglect to maintain an orderly link structure, deserve a deeper look.

Using the LinkAssistant tool, I’ll look for niche-related websites that might have broken links I can replace with references to my excellent blog entry. There are two approaches to locating potential broken link possibilities.

3. Track down every website that has a link to one of the found domains; these could be hundreds of potential backlinking partners

Now that you have a list of domains to verify for broken links on, you can do so quickly and easily.

Checking each page discovered with LinkAssistant in SEO SpyGlass for broken links is the next step.

4. Locate an inactive site that the linked-to page references

When a domain expires and no longer resolves to an active server, the site is down as a Links Back answer. That means every single one of your links won’t work either. If its backlink profile is useful for your industry, you can do the same. You can get hundreds of broken link building chances by simply collecting all the domains that used to refer to the expired domain.

To view them all at once, simply activate the SEO SpyGlass.

5. Make new, high-quality material to replace the lost page on your site

So, you found a site that no longer exists but appears to be of interest to you. But to be on the secure side, you should see what was on the site before it was taken down.

WayBack Machine, an online database that keeps track of the Web’s evolution over time, is a useful tool for doing just that. (to the best of its ability). Simply input the URL of the now-defunct page to view a snapshot of how it appeared when it was last indexed.

6. Get in touch with webmasters and request that they add a link to your site in lieu of a broken one

You now have a wealth of opportunities to develop links; prioritise the best ones by contacting the sites’ owners about replacing broken links with ones to your own.

The number of new backlinks you are able to draw will determine how effective the broken link building strategy is for you. In order to create new backlinks from broken links, it usually requires hundreds of outreach emails.