How To Use Instagram To Attract Customers (A Guide For Agencies)

Instagram is a popular network for marketers advertising their products through high-quality photographs and videos because of its status as a visual sharing platform. However, when used properly, it may be an effective channel for lead creation for B2B service providers and advertising agencies alike.

1. Boost your professional profile.

Any business with promotional goals on Instagram has to first create a business account.

Need a business account but don’t have one yet? Changing to a business profile is as simple as creating a new account in the app.

Make sure you include a clear and brief summary of your organisation. Include clickable links to pertinent sites so that leads may get started with your business right away.

2. Use Vista Social as a hub for all of your social media lead generating.

To generate leads, all you need is Instagram and a few simple tools it provides.

With Vista Social, however, your organisation will have access to tried-and-true methods for generating new leads.

If you’re looking to streamline your Instagram marketing efforts, go no further than Vista Social, a fully featured social media management tool. You’ll need to sign in before we can show you the juicy details.

Of course, it’s also handy to have a central hub from which to control your profiles on all the major social media sites. Vista Social’s consolidated social media publishing and tracking tools will save you time by eliminating the need to move between several apps.

3. Third, make sure your material is of high quality.

Creating engaging Instagram content for commercial businesses sometimes involves little more than posting eye-catching product photographs. However, digital marketing organisations must take a new tack.

If you want your Instagram posts to stand out from the crowd, try sticking to a consistent style and structure. It also simplifies the process of making videos in the long term.

4. Publish your material using Vista Social as part of your overall plan

Posting visually appealing content on Instagram, however, is only half the battle.

You must also employ a publication plan that will increase the exposure of your material to potential customers.

5. Five, Make your post descriptions epic.

Having compelling captions on Instagram is important for converting viewers into leads.

They help readers understand the bigger picture of your writings.

You may also name influencers who can assist promote your material by adding links to related pages and mentioning them. Include calls to action (CTAs) in your post’s description to get people to engage with it in some way, even if it’s only to like, comment, or share it.

Include relevant hashtags in your descriptions to increase their discoverability. If you’d rather keep your descriptions neat and tidy, though, you may include hashtags into the first remark automatically.

6. Engage with your viewers on a personal level by using video.

Instagram has four additional channels for sharing video: Reels, Live, Stories, and IGTV, in addition to the main feed.

There are advantages to using each style that can help advertising businesses get new clients.

The actual topic and material you load into your Instagram videos are what counts the most. They ought to be helpful to your intended audience while also being thought-provoking and instructive.

Having a flawless profile can boost your agency’s credibility and attract potential clients.

Instagram View Boosting Tips

Do you want to get the most out of the aforementioned methods?

Only more views will do, so focus on that.

Some suggestions on how to increase your Instagram following are provided below.

Follow people who are representative of your target market.

Adding profiles you follow or connect with to your network in the hopes of being followed back is a tried and true method of increasing your social media exposure. It’s a method used by companies to attract customers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Check out Instagram’s Story tricks.

With Instagram Stories and its assortment of fun and engaging stickers, users can express themselves in a wide variety of ways. Among the many features available are polls, sticker stores, and question sections.

Use additional platforms to promote your Instagram posts.

You probably know to attract customers on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others given that you own a digital marketing business.

Make use of your profiles on those platforms to spread the word about your Instagram posts. Don’t forget to promote your Instagram account by linking to it from your website.

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