How To Get Verified On TikTok: 5 Splendid Tips To Follow

With the greater audience engagement of over one billion active users, TikTok has become an excellent place to connect with potential users with creative content. Due to the audience’s involvement, brands and businesses use TikTok as the most preferred platform for marketing.  

Most content creators and influencers aim to get the blue tick on their TikTok accounts. The blue tick on your TikTok profile indicates your account verification which lends authenticity to your content. So, business owners and brands need verification to boost their brand credibility and stand out from the crowd.

Are you wondering how to get verified on TikTok? You are at the right place where we can discuss the steps to get your TikTok account verified.

Requirements To Get Verified On TikTok

The verification procedure on TikTok is very tricky. The TikTok algorithm does not contain any particular number of reach to get your account verified. Some accounts with thousands of followers do not get the blue tick, whereas having an engaging audience with fewer followers count gets the blue tick from TikTok. Though you are not a famous creator of TikTok, the best way is to focus on preparing high-quality content. Thus, it tends your potential audiences to watch and share your content.

Therefore, an account with higher engagement gets verified on TikTok. The verification process on TikTok requires the following factors to get the changes in your account.

# Account Activity

Keep you active with engaging content to get a blue tick on your TikTok profile. The more you show your presence, the more you get noticed by the TikTok algorithm. Ensure your account always delivers high-quality and exciting content to impress more potential users. When your posts get more views and likes, there are great chances to get your account verified. However, it is better to find out the best ways to grab more TikTok video views to enhance your popularity and improve the chances of getting your account verified.

# Showcase Your Brand Personality

Audiences on TikTok decide to follow your brand if your profile looks professional and engaging. Provide the most engaging and professional profile picture to headshot your target audiences. An attractive profile grabs the potential users and makes them follow you. The profile picture needs to be the one that syncs with your content and provides a positive vibe about your profile.

# Complete Your Bio

The audience who sees your engaging content for the first time visits your profile page to view your bio. So, making a completely engaging and attractive bio with sufficient information is essential. Describe your brand by using the keywords that help audiences to view your profile who search for that specific keyword. TikTok also enables the option for brands to include a link to drive traffic to the particular landing page. 

# Post Viral Content

As everybody knows, TikTok is a platform to discover new things and ideas. Since there are millions of active users, they score down the For You page of TikTok to capture some new and exciting content. So, if you tend to create informative and engaging content, more people will find you with an increased engagement rate. This, in turn, blows up your TikTok account with your viral content, thus changing your account to a verified one. Though there is no guarantee to get your video viral, creating something new and unique will definitely benefit your TikTok account.

# Combine With Other Verified Accounts

Most brands and other startups peep out on TikTok to get their account verified. To make it real, combine with other verified users to increase your exposure. When combined with the valuable community, the TikTok algorithm considers you a valuable member, thus boosting your reach. In addition, partnering with verified accounts builds a good relationship and helps to learn things beyond their success. So, grow your opportunity to verify your TikTok account with other potential accounts.

Final Thoughts

Get your TikTok account verified by publishing more authentic and natural content to create brand trust. So, following the above powerful tips with high-quality content enhances the power of TikTok to get a blue tick on your profile. Never give up your effort to make your TikTok account verified.