Learn the Tricks to Getting More Instagram Views in Your Stories

When compared to Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories comes in second. They are interesting because the postings made in them are spontaneous, not overly edited, and more interesting than the standard feed entries. When you watch a story, you feel like you’re getting a sneak peek at what your favourite celebrities and friends are up to right this second.

In recent years, Instagram users have paid more attention to stories than to regular feed posts, so when story views decline, it can have a significant impact on your total Instagram statistics.

In this article, you’ll learn numerous practical tips for attracting more viewers to your stories.

The Instagram Ranking Algorithm and How It Affects Your Story Views?

Just like how Instagram prioritises posts in your feed, it also prioritises which stories you view first. A tale circle placed towards the end of the story line has a very low chance of being seen by the audience. Instagram will give more prominence to the stories of accounts with which you interact more frequently and who may be of interest to you.

You may have also seen that your friend’s tales frequently rank high despite the fact that they upload them infrequently.

Indicators of Good Story Engagement

See if other people are:

  • Read your story all the way through (watch-through rate).
  • Check out a tonne of your tales or quickly navigate to another user’s by swiping left or right.
  • Re-watch your videos to get the full effect.
  • Provide your thoughts on the tales you’ve told and answer their questions.
  • Spread your tales by sharing them with others.
  • Put aside your narratives and just watch.

Quantitative Instagram Story Metrics

Activity, navigation, and interaction data are tracked separately for each slide in your presentation.

You may also monitor the success of your writing in these ways:

View Through Rate

The percentage of viewers that stuck with your shows through the credits is provided by this indicator.
Please keep in mind that this is relevant only if your tale consists of more than one slide.

You may determine this measure by:

Calculating View Through Rate = Total Slides Viewed / Slides Viewed in the First Story x 100

Story slide completion rate

If you look at this metric, you can determine how many people really watched the full slide.

Rate of seeing all slides = Total Impressions minus Exits divided by Total Views.

In light of this, let’s examine the means by which you might attract more readers to your articles.

Methods for Increasing Instagram Story Viewing

Remember that increasing Instagram story views isn’t the same as increasing any other measure for your social media marketing efforts. The reception of your tales will vary depending on your target demographic and the way you engage with them. It’s going to be very difficult to increase your story views if the majority of your followers are either bots or individuals who aren’t interested in what you have to say.

Use the strategies we discuss below with confidence if you already have a dedicated, active, and interested following.

Escape the World of Fiction for a While

If you’ve noticed a decline in views and interaction, you may try taking a break from posting content for a while. You may be wondering how “detoxing” your story may help you regain readers. The issue is, Instagram really wants you back posting on the site, so when you start publishing stories again, you will get a lot more views than usual.

You may have observed on your own Instagram account that your story views increase after a period of inactivity. In addition, when you eventually do share a story, Instagram will notify your followers through push notification.

Instagram will naturally increase your audience by exposing your stories to its users.

Location Sharing in Stories

If you run a local company catering to a certain demographic in a specific region, geotagging your stories can increase the likelihood that they will be viewed by people in that area.

Stickers are a great way to keep readers interested in your stories.

Use games, engagement stickers, and polls in your stories, and of course, create stories. Get the thoughts and opinions of your followers by asking them questions and polling them on current events.

Create Narration with Captions

Many Instagram users prefer to view stories and Reels in silent mode, so captions are a great way to keep them engaged. Put your best thoughts forward in captions alongside any video you share. The result will be an increase in interest in, and a continuation of, your story. If Instagram sees that your stories are popular, it will prioritise them more frequently.

Jazz up your tales with some tunes

To spice up your tales, try including a music lyric or even the whole song. The results will be more nuanced and impactful writing. Furthermore, Facebook revealed statistics demonstrating that individuals are 80% more likely to view stories with music than those without any sound.

Limit the number of tales you write each day

If a reader starts your narrative and discovers that they have around 20 episodes to watch, they will most likely go on to the next account’s story. This is especially true if the stories in question lack any sort of coherent narrative. The experience is simply monotonous. As such, the answer is to tell interesting stories regularly.

Enhance Interaction and Communication

Think of Instagram Stories as a way to get to know your audience better. If it’s okay with them, respond to their direct messages with a screenshot of your story demonstrating your ideas and opinions.

Gain from Re-Distribution

Whenever you see anything amazing on Instagram, share it with your followers, comment on it, and identify the original creator. By re-posting it, they can potentially introduce some of their readers to your material.