Instagram Marketing: 7 Strategies For Success

Why should I use Instagram as part of my marketing plan?

Setting objectives is essential for a successful Instagram marketing campaign. You need a goal in mind, such as increasing product sales or gaining new customers. Before launching an Instagram marketing strategy, it’s important to define your audience.

Instagram marketing’s advantages

Increase interaction with your brand by taking advantage of Instagram’s built-in tools for generating likes, comments, and shares. Therefore, promoting your company on Instagram might be a simple yet efficient strategy to increase consumer participation.

  • Promote your business for little outlay: Instagram offers free business profiles, and paid advertising on the network is often less expensive than on more conventional channels.
  • Get your message out to a wide audience: Instagram has a massive user base made up of people from all around the world.
  • Create a distinct brand identity by tailoring the visual aspects of your company through carefully picked postings.
  • Use Instagram as part of a bigger content marketing plan by posting visually appealing material like photos and videos.

Seven Instagram Marketing Strategies

First, open a company account.

Think about upgrading to Instagram for Business if you already have a personal account. You can get Instagram from the App Store or Google Play if you haven’t already. Launch the software, fill out the new user registration form, and supply the required data.

After a profile has been made, it may be edited by tapping the gear icon in the profile’s upper-right corner. By upgrading to a paid plan, you’ll have access to a broader set of services for monitoring user activity.

Second, complete your profile.

You just have 150 characters to build a compelling Instagram bio that shows off your brand’s individuality. Name, username, website URL, brand category, contact details, and CTA buttons are just some of the several locations where you may promote your brand.

Step 3: Establish formatting standards

Here is where you establish your brand’s visual identity. The appearance and feel of your brand’s social media sites, including the colours used, the kind of photographs used, and the tone of your posts, are all determined by your style guide.

The use of hashtags and the categories they fall under should be outlined in your style guide. You may try a variety of hashtags to see which ones perform best: Fun, recognizable, broad appeal, specific target audience, current, and associated with a contest.

Consider using MailChimp to develop a consistent visual identity as you work on developing style standards. Digital asset management for marketers from MailChimp facilitates the production, revision, and distribution of marketing materials.

Set up a posting schedule (4th step)

Your content strategy should inform the frequency with which you post. Video material, in particular, is more likely to elicit a response from viewers if it is varied in format. Use themes, new offerings, workplace shenanigans, and more as inspiration for blog postings. This will help you save time and make sure your material is on target.

Images that are bright in colour and have a lot of empty space function better than those that are darker. Changing the visual textures is also quite popular. Posting more effectively requires following best practises and conducting research to ascertain optimal times for reaching one’s target audience. Reels and carousels should be used with other content kinds to keep readers interested and engaged.

Post to Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories function is quite well-liked. Companies can employ a variety of methods to attract and retain customers’ attention. Some ideas are as follows:

  • Information from the audience, shared
  • Act in a way that is human, open, and genuine.
  • Create Instagram Live broadcasts.

The idea is to tell a compelling tale while giving them something of value they might not be able to find elsewhere.

There may be some tales you’d like to keep in mind. (since they disappear in 24 hours). You may add highlights to your profile so that your followers can look back on the posts, deals, and other information that they found particularly interesting.

Sixth, talk to your audience

Instagram Live videos let viewers ask questions and interact with the brand in real time. It’s possible to work with guests, hold events, give tutorials, field inquiries and even let customers drop in on demand. If you want more people to see your brand, you should respond to comments and connect with similar accounts.

Promote your business with Instagram adverts

Instagram advertisements with specific demographics help you locate buyers fast. Show them adverts that are relevant to them in terms of where they are and what they like. They may be targeted in their preferred environments by having ads appear in their feeds, articles, or on the Explore page.

Analyzing your data and seeing who your clients are may help you target certain groups with your marketing efforts. Relationships on and off Instagram benefit from this exercise.

Closing Remarks

If your company doesn’t have an Instagram account, you’re missing out on engaging with a large demographic of consumers that value visual media and social media. You may expand your customer base by following these 7 Instagram marketing strategies.

Having the correct resources at your disposal might make optimising your Instagram marketing approach much simpler. Launch social media advertising campaigns, manage digital asset creation and storage, analyse critical metrics, and more with MailChimp. MailChimp is an integrated marketing platform that facilitates the development, distribution, and evaluation of successful social media marketing campaigns for businesses.