6 Powerful Tips To Use Instagram Reels To Boost Your Business

The introduction of a new feature called “Reels” caused an explosion in Instagram usage. Users may make videos between 15 and 60 seconds long and share them with their followers, much to the popular app TikTok.

Videos under a minute in length are favoured by 68% of users. Due to the rising demand for bite-sized videos, more and more companies are taking use of Instagram Reels.

Since reels generate 22% more interaction than standard videos, they have become an integral element of content strategies. According to research conducted by Hubspot, over half of all marketers are prepared to increase spending on short videos.

Instagram has always been a great place to promote one’s company, but now with the advent of Reels, there are even more doors to open.

The Many Ways in Which Reels Can Help Your Company Expand

Short videos are popular with your audience. Because people have shorter attention spans and prefer easily consumable media. Instagram Reels provide a venue for brands to showcase such direct, approachable, and succinct content.

Let’s take a look at how Instagram Reels might help B2B companies expand.

Go with the flow

Over time, fashions come and go. However, it is also crucial to take advantage of these developments so as to remain current and win over your intended audience. Check out the Reels in Discover to see what people are watching the most of. A challenge might be anything from an audio or video clip to a hashtag or a mashup.

Incorporate the trend into your content strategy if you think it will be well received by your target audience. Getting your content out there to as many people as possible in as little time as possible is as simple as this.

Make learning (about your product) fun

Reels are a popular pastime among Instagram users. They aren’t working for anything in particular. As a result, spreading word of your company and attracting more viewers by making interesting Reels is crucial. However, in order to generate Reels for your audience, you may combine fun with knowledge.

Market Innovative Product Functions

Do you want to release a new product or upgrade an old one? How about putting up an Instagram highlight reel to show to your followers? A brief teaser can be used to introduce the product and give potential buyers a taste of what’s to come.

The result will be more interest from buyers. A subsequent reel might focus on the product’s advantages and benefits. Reels are a fantastic tool for introducing people to new things without making them feel like they’re being directly targeted.

Promote Permanent Deals and Special Occasions

Simply introducing new sales and discounts is not enough. Getting the word out about such deals and sales is crucial if you want to attract more clients. It’s in this context that Instagram Reels truly shine.

Make a short, engaging film outlining the specials and discounts that are currently being offered. Make use of a compelling title at the beginning of your reel and a Call to Action (CTA) at the conclusion to entice viewers to take advantage of the deal.

Share some making-of footage

Create Reels that let customers see how your business operates normally. It’s a terrific strategy for making your business more approachable and retaining your target demographic. Employees can be introduced to the viewers, the workplace can be toured, and even the employees’ day-to-day activities can be highlighted. Content revolving around office parties, group trips, and vacations might be shared on occasion.

WeWork is a good example. The firm made an Instagram Reel that features the workplace area to give us a taste of what it’s like to work there.

Create new uses for old content

The primary benefit of repurposing content is how easily it can be scaled. In addition, you shouldn’t go to the trouble of making a brand new post, video, or infographic every time.

Find out what’s popular on other marketing platforms and model your strategy after it. You may find a wealth of information for this purpose on your own website, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Create an Instagram highlight reel using the material you’ve already shot. So long!

You may have uploaded a video to YouTube some time ago that has since gone viral. You may take the best parts of the video and compress them into a 60-second Instagram Reel.

Send References

Before making a purchase, 95% of consumers look at the product’s internet reviews. The most effective method of influencing potential buyers to buy your goods is through positive customer reviews. People put greater faith in other consumers than businesses.

Reels simplify the process of using testimonials to boost sales. You can transform your top customers’ video testimonials about your company and product into Instagram Reels by simply asking them to participate.

Instagram Reels may benefit in two ways from client feedback. One possibility is to superimpose the testimonial over a video of the product in use.

Create an Image of Expertise

You need not always provide material that directly relates to your product or service. Another way to provide value to your consumers is to provide interesting and educational material that is linked to your business or specialty.

Make a series of instructional films covering topics your target audience may find useful to show off your expertise in the field. You might do something similar by making instructional films to educate and entertain your target audience. You may increase your credibility and win over more clients if you do this.