How To Insert Links Into Instagram Stories

Instagram’s popularity has risen over the past few years, and its users now spend an average of 28 minutes each day on the app. From video to slideshows to Instagram Stories, the social media platform is constantly adding new features. Many Instagram users have been wondering how to add a link to their story. Let’s talk about why it’s crucial to include a link in Instagram Stories, how to find out if your brand’s Instagram account supports adding links, and what to do if it doesn’t.

The importance of a clickable Instagram Story link for advertisers.

Instagram is unique amongst the most widely used social media sites in terms of marketing because it is not yet a straight selling instrument.

This is due to the fact that, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Instagram only permits one link in the profile bio rather than under each post. Users had only this one link as an exit strategy from the app. This made things difficult for businesses who wanted to promote themselves on Instagram.

Marketers have been thrilled by Instagram’s recent rollout of Stories. This new function allows users to include a link into an image or video for a limited time (24 hours) or permanently (profile highlights).

How do Instagram Stories connections look like exactly?

On occasion, when you scroll through the Instagram Stories that appear at the top of your home page, you’ll come across one that says “See More.” Several marketing strategies make use of this function for popular companies. made an Instagram Story with the sole intention of getting people to tap through to the full post. This strategy is useful if you want your followers to visit a landing page that discusses several aspects of your main issue. Swipe up to explore all of our women’s sale items or our whole cosmetics collection.

Many companies also contemplate merely showcasing a product or article, with the hope that curious readers may “swipe up” for further information. This was done lately for a seasonal release at Starbucks.

Take note that the call to action in each case is “see more.” A popup for the destination website will show when the user swipes up. You may send Instagram users directly to your website or other destination by including a link in your story. The more articles you can link to, the more opportunities you have to interact with your audience, and the easier it will be for them to find their way to your website.

Instagram Story Linking Guide

Instagram Stories links are simple to implement; however, a corporate profile (as opposed to a personal one) is required. You must also have more than 10,000 people following you.

Choose Your Content

Is this going to be a powerful graphic that draws people to your site’s blog? purpose of the post to promote a sale on your website A cat video, perhaps? For the simple reason that cat videos are universal stress relievers.

Any photo or video shot within the past 24 hours, or kept on your phone, can be used in Instagram Stories. Before adding a link, consider whether or not it serves your brand well and if the reader would benefit from it.

Include your URL.

A link symbol will appear in the upper right corner of your narrative after the photo or video has been captured or uploaded. This is just close to the sticker upload section of the post. A new window will open where you can paste your link.

Make it your own

Filters, stickers, gifs, hashtags, do anything your heart wishes; Valencia will make it seem better. Including a call to action (CTA) when connecting in Instagram Stories establishes credibility and informs viewers about the destination of the click.

Monitor and Evaluate

With digital marketing, it’s simple to keep tabs on results and figure out where you went wrong. Instagram, however, provides very little in the way of metrics. The platform provides a summary of your business account’s performance, but if you want more granular statistics on the performance of the links you’re posting in your Instagram stories and profile, a short link with click data is your best bet. No matter where the link takes you, you’ll gain useful information either way.