A Step-By-Step Guide To Downloading Photos from Instagram

It’s reasonable to assume that everyone has experienced the joy of posting photos to Instagram and browsing the feeds of friends and family in search of something fresh to enjoy. Instagram is a fast-paced social networking site, so learning how to download or save an image or post is useful. Perhaps you’re an Instagram user who wants to learn how to save your own images, either to save for future reference or to upload to another service.

Maybe you want to get your hands on some files that other people have uploaded. In order to start anew on Instagram, you may wish to back up your previous photographs before making the switch. Perhaps you’ve reached your limit with the Instagram app and are ready to uninstall it forever. Whatever your motivation for wanting to download an Instagram photo, here is a detailed walkthrough that will teach you how to do it.

Putting a Photo on Your Mobile Device

Saved versions of photos you’ve taken, filtered, and manipulated on Instagram are a breeze to access in your phone’s picture library. After launching Instagram, pick the profile tab by tapping the profile picture icon. This will be shown at your screen’s bottom. You may access your profile settings by clicking the stacked horizontal lines icon in the top right corner of your screen. Access your account by clicking “account” under “settings” now. The option to see “original photographs” is available on iOS devices, while “original posts” appears on Android devices.

You’ll soon have the option to have your Instagram photos downloaded automatically. To download unmodified versions of your articles or photographs, simply flip the switch. After activating this setting, your Instagram photos will be automatically saved to your phone’s picture library. This is a time-saving method that eliminates the need to manually adjust each image before uploading.

Instagram: How to Download Someone Else’s Photo

Every Instagram video or photo that has been posted to a public profile can be downloaded and used at a later time with no effort. The person whose post you’re saving won’t know that you’ve saved it, so don’t worry about offending them. A bookmark symbol will appear underneath any image that you choose to save if you hover your mouse over it. If you do this, Instagram will save the photo to your collection.

Select and hold the bookmark symbol to save a post to a certain collection in your private pictures. This will display all of the Instagram collections you have made. A new collection may be made, or the image can be added to an existing one, by clicking the “+” button.

Go to your profile and then choose the saved option from the drop-down menu to see the image you just saved. What you’ll see here is a compilation of everything you’ve bookmarked for later viewing. Never forget that your stored items and collections are visible to everyone.

Tutorial on Putting Images on Your Desktop

Instagram doesn’t allow you to save photographs from other users to your phone or computer for copyright reasons, which is entirely acceptable. There is a workaround, though, that will allow you to save photos to your desktop browser; just be careful not to abuse this feature.

Launch a new tab on your computer, navigate to Instagram, and search for the photo you wish to save. If you use your mouse’s right button on the picture, a context menu will appear.   It will open the page’s source code in a new tab. Go through the source code until you locate the reference to the.jpg file. You may paste the content between the quote marks into a new window in your current browser. Right-clicking the image when it loads will allow you to download it to your computer.

Closing Remarks

Now that you know how to save an Instagram photo, you may do so for your own photographs to see at a later time or for the images of others to add to your collections. This is a terrific method to ensure that you keep track of your favourite influencers posts and never miss out on anything they share, even if you have to take a vacation from Instagram for a while. In conclusion, Instagram allows users to save photos for personal use exclusively, with the caveat that commercial usage is strictly forbidden.