The 2020 Editions Of The Top Six Social Media Tracking Tools

What functions does a social media tool have?

Your brand’s social media efforts will benefit greatly from the information gleaned through a social media monitoring tool. Understanding your audience, developing stronger content, and making smarter business decisions are all facilitated by having access to social media analytics. It is possible to keep tabs on:

  • Follow conversations about your brand.
  • Gather intel on the competition.
  • Follow the trending #hashtags
  • Review the Keywords
  • Learn about the hottest topics and more.

To assist you fine-tune your marketing approach and improve your social media performance, we have compiled a list of some of the top social media monitoring tools available.

1. Not-metric

Unmetric is an AI-driven, brand-centric social media intelligence platform that provides access to actionable social data for businesses.

This includes coming up with more interesting material, solidifying your social media strategy, and automating boring but necessary activities like reporting.

There are several tools available to assist you evaluate your brand’s social media performance and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

You can analyse when and what kind of postings perform best for you.
You may find the most popular hashtags associated with your brand by using the tool’s tracking feature.
Comparing how well you do on social media to other companies in your field is another useful comparison.

2. Synthesio

Synthesio is a versatile programme with a wide range of options. The Synthesio social media command centre is a one-stop shop for monitoring, measuring, and analysing your brand’s health, content performance, and more. The app provides instantaneous data on how consumers feel about a brand’s advertising initiatives.

You can get a breakdown of the most popular hashtags, tweets, and URLs across the most popular social media platforms. You can also see how influential each person is by looking at the volume of keyword mentions of your company across the most popular social media platforms. The whole success of your brand on social media may be improved with the help of Synthesio, a fully integrated solution that provides you with crucial indicators and insights.

3. cite

Mention’s applications are not limited to tracking social media. This software also has features for publishing to social media, monitoring the media, gathering competitive intelligence, and handling crises.

Mention is a social media monitoring platform that allows you to track mentions of your business in real time, analyse the mood of those comments, and immediately reply to them without leaving the Mention dashboard. You may observe what else your target demographic is discussing by searching for and tracking relevant keywords. The Mention dashboard has an influencers area for communicating with and working with influential users to increase brand awareness. Mention offers a free plan with rudimentary functionality but more sophisticated subscriptions with access to brand mentions and notifications.

4. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a tool that compiles all of the online and social media conversations about your company. The software notifies you whenever your brand is mentioned online, letting you respond right then and then. If you use Mentionlytics to track industry-related terms, you might discover lucrative new sales and marketing avenues. You may also track the activities of your rivals by keeping an eye on their brand names. To top it all off, the app helps you connect with influential people to work with to expand your reach.

5. Analysis of the Public Opinion Poll

Crowd Analyzer is a popular social media tracking service that specialises in Arabic. This resource can analyse both standard English and Arabic speech patterns. This resource will be invaluable if you or your clients are located in the Middle East.

A word cloud, sentiment analysis, list of most-mentioned brands, and historical data are just some of the features offered by Crowd Analyzer. You can rapidly respond to any mentions of your brand thanks to the real-time alerts you receive. You may also obtain an overview of the influencers in your business and who your rivals are targeting with their marketing thanks to this tool.

6. provides comprehensive media monitoring services across the most popular online platforms, including social media, blogs, and discussion boards. allows you to monitor the use of hashtags and keywords by both you and your rivals.

Your social media voice may be measured and compared to that of rivals across all platforms. Even more intriguing is the fact that will notify you whenever your brand name is mentioned on a fake news site, giving you the opportunity to safeguard your company’s reputation.


As we’ve seen, social media monitoring tools do more than simply provide you access to important data; they also help you make sense of it, so your company can make better business decisions based on what you learn. Marketers must constantly improve their strategies and tactics to break through the clutter and succeed. You may decide which of these tools will best improve your social media presence based on your specific goals and available resources.