The Definitive Resource for Social Media Video Promotion

80% of all traffic is expected to be video by 2023; videos now dominate and will continue to do so. So, it should be an integral element of your content strategy no matter what kind of business you run. So where do you begin if you have never done this before or if you have tried previously without success?

Here’s a rundown of the fundamentals, as there are several resources and choices available nowadays. You pick one or more that works with your firm’s finances, marketing, and other social plans.

So, what exactly is it that makes video so great, anyway?

The appeal of video shared on social media may be summed up in a few words: Seeing a person’s face and hearing their voice is significant in a world when digital messages can feel distant and impersonal. That makes us feel like we’re right there, and it adds credibility to what someone’s saying. Added trust is the result of all of these factors.

Video’s adaptability is similarly high. Over time and across channels, we can generate one or more short pieces that serve as placeholders and brand-building tools for our company.

Although there are many sophisticated options available to us (the superiority of high-quality video in the market will persist), we may also choose for a minimalist approach. A simple yet moving statement spoken from the privacy of our own homes may often carry far more weight than a lengthy post on a blog or an excessively promotional advertisement.

Upon Getting Started

Marketing your business on YouTube or through other video content takes some forethought and, depending on the quality you’re after, may necessitate the services of an outside consultant or agency. So whether you do or don’t, it’s crucial that you know exactly why.

Your video or video series will contain a call to action (CTA) that is associated with a sales and/or marketing goal, just like any other piece of content.

Where does this fall within the scope of your plan?

  • Do you have a certain mood in mind for the video?
  • What social media platforms will you be posting it on and when?
  • Is there a way to include it into the buyer’s process?
  • Who exactly are you trying to reach?

Context of the Purchase

Keep in mind that your goal is to provide a seamless, pleasurable, and straightforward experience that meets the needs of a consumer at a certain juncture in their journey. If you want to increase people’s familiarity with your brand, tell a tale; if you’re trying to market something specific, like a course, be sure to highlight its benefits.

Depending on where you are in your journey, here are some pointers to keep in mind when making your video:


You’re weaving a tale and providing useful details about your product or service. The video should be concise, informative, and either inspiring or entertaining. Your call to action (CTA) might take readers to a landing page or further content that provides them with access to restricted material.


The shopper is in the research phase of a potential purchase and is likely perusing internet marketplaces to get the best deal. Differentiation must therefore be made crystal obvious. To achieve this goal, the length of the film should be increased by include things like demonstrations and customer reviews. Video graphics and explainers might be quite helpful in this case since you need to illustrate the product.


A potential consumer is going to make a purchase, therefore you must make their journey as easy and transparent as possible. It’s crucial to give the consumer the impression that they’re in charge of the action. For instance, you may ensure they have a firm grasp of product usage, assembly, and return procedures.

Care for / Reconnect with

You may always circle back to a customer who has shown interest in your product or services, whether they ultimately decided to buy or not.

Here is your chance to build relationships with past clients, surprise and delight them, express gratitude, and have some lighthearted fun.

Use user-generated content like films and testimonials, or facilitate customer-to-customer communication centred on your brand.

Media Video Genres

It’s possible to use a variety of video types while advertising a product. You may find a few examples of each of them below:

  • Video blogs with explanatory content or in-person interviews
  • Presentations
  • Critical Evaluations of Products
  • Demos
  • Promos in video form

Which one do you recommend, then? It all relies on your skill level and available resources. If you want something with a polished and professional style or an out-of-this-world storyline, you should employ a digital marketing or video production business.

While creating a video, how lengthy should it be?

According to HubSpot, the optimal durations for videos are:

  • Time limit for Instagram posts: 30 seconds
  • Twitter: forty-five seconds
  • One minute on Facebook
  • On YouTube, this takes up under 2 minutes.

The length of a channel tends to be proportional to its intended function. Given that the average human being can only focus on anything for a few seconds at a time, condensing the information is preferable since it saves time and money. Make use of visual aids such as a slideshow and some interesting graphics to keep your audience interested.

Submitting Your Video for Viewing

Adding a video to your website or blog is a straightforward process that should require no explanation. To maximise effectiveness and strategy, you should distribute a lot of videos on social media.

Best practises include the following:

Make sure your movies can be seen without any issues on mobile devices; in this day and age, mobile is king, and your efforts must be broadcast to a wide audience.

Use the platform-specific SEO best practises and guidelines to your video’s optimization.
Maintain a YouTube library to house all of your videos.
You can increase video views and interaction by testing different times of day using an A/B split.
Make use of a wide range of media in your film.
Social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, where you can post photographs with accompanying messages, are ideal places to spread the word with a few more graphics.