Actionable Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing

No matter where you are in your social media marketing journey, or if you’re simply searching for some fresh ideas, the information we’ve assembled here should help you improve your profiles.

Simple Strategies for Promoting Your Business on Social Media

Share content simultaneously on all social media platforms.

Using a social media management solution, like HubSpot’s Social Inbox, is a smart move when you’re first getting started. You may use this app to maintain tabs on your various social media profiles, plan content to be published at specific times, check metrics, and more. Similar apps include Later and TweetDeck.

You may also use these applications to synchronise your postings across all of your accounts. You can reach more people who use numerous accounts if you keep your material consistent across all of them.

To re-release and revise previously-published content

In case you have a backlog of old material, updating it and publishing it again with new SEO strategies is a good idea. This strategy may be more efficient than always coming up with new content and may attract new readers.

You may use things like blog entries, sales pages, and other promotional materials on your website. Rather of starting from scratch, you can use your social media strategy to put your best foot forward by increasing interaction.

This same post, which was initially published in 2013, has been updated for 2017. To guarantee that our blog, social media, and email subscribers always have access to the most recent posts, we update them often.

Plan your evening postings in advance

Weekends are nothing to be terrified of, either. Launching new material in the nights allows for interaction across time zones. Thus, your tweet about the latest update to your programme can reach people all over the world even if it is 3 AM where you are.

HubSpot Life is a social media platform where employees from all around the world provide glimpses into the company’s culture. HubSpot Life provides content published in various time zones during US “off” hours, including Paris, Bogota, and Dublin.

Promote interaction by using hashtags

The use of hashtags is comparable to winning the lottery in terms of exposure on social media. Try looking for less-used tags like those of larger businesses (like Adobe’s #CreateYourStory) or those that are exclusive to a town (like #BrightonMA), in addition to the more popular ones like #SocialMedia and #MarketingGoals. An engaged audience will be interested in those.

In addition to using preexisting hashtags, you may also try your hand at making your own customized hashtags, like #BufferLove, which was used by Buffer. You may now listen in on what people are saying about your social media presence and products.

Take advantage of visual aids wherever feasible

Starting out on social media doesn’t require a huge financial commitment to visual material. Visual content, such as photos, videos, and graphics, should be integrated into postings wherever possible.

Free services like Canva exist to assist with content creation and editing. To reach a younger demographic, GIFs are a fantastic medium of communication. And don’t forget that the smartphone that’s probably already in your pocket can take stunning photos that you may share on social media.

With case you’ve dabbled in social media previously and are ready to broaden your horizons, read on for some pointers at the intermediate level. They’re intended at streamlining the process of producing identical content across your platforms while driving clicks.

Even for seasoned social media pros, maintaining a steady stream of new material is an uphill battle. There is a lot of pressure to keep up with the latest trends in a world where it seems like fashion shifts every second.

Follow these guidelines as a starting point for organizing your page, updating your material, and expanding your following. See our whole social media marketing guide for more ideas.