How To Use TikTok Influencers For Your Brand Growth

TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame over the subsequent two years following its 2018 debut is well documented. Yet, it was the COVID lockdowns in early 2020 that truly catapulted TikTok’s user numbers into the sky. It seemed like overnight, everybody was either creating material for or viewing content on TikTok. The app had two billion downloads by August in the year 2020.

Since its inception as a venue for dance-related news and content, it has grown to become the ninth most popular social networking site overall. TikTok is a more immersive site than Twitter and Facebook because of its extremely specialised algorithm, which ensures that users of all ages and demographics will be shown only the content they want to watch.

Even today, you may find a wide variety of humorous antics, including but not limited to: dances, challenges, cooking videos, and more. On the other hand, TikTok has helped promote the careers of up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs who may have otherwise been overlooked.
The algorithm is designed in such a way that it will allow content from an author with as few as ten followers to quickly gain widespread attention.

Even while TikTok has expanded rapidly, it is not likely to supplant Instagram or any of the other major social media sites. TikTok is where people can upload more unfiltered, experimental stuff, whereas Instagram is where they can show off their gorgeous aesthetics and, more recently, their honest ideas and lives.


Undoubtedly, the majority of TikTok users are members of Generation Z. To be sure, there are still plenty of Millennials and Gen Xers on TikTok, but the vast majority of its US users are under the age of 30. Among working-age Americans, nearly half of those aged 18 to 29 report using the app. Including Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and Khaby Lame, the majority of the most popular TikTok stars are under the age of 21.

Of course, it’s not merely a platform for rising stars among the youth of today. For brands, especially up-and-coming ones, TikTok presents a fantastic opportunity to reach a massive audience.


Numerous brands have risen to prominence on TikTok by producing engaging videos for the platform’s user base.

Let’s look at Tiny Moons, a mochi ice cream that skyrocketed in popularity after being featured on TikTok. The product is a mochi filled with ice cream that originated in Japan and has now become a popular American delicacy.


We talked briefly about how, in comparison to TikTok, Instagram tends to be more slick and professionally produced. On the other hand, authentic and natural content does well with TikTok users.

You probably already know that today’s millennials and Generation Z are extremely ad-averse and content-savvy. Make TikToks, not commercials, because they look down on anything that resembles a “conventional ad.” You should make videos that look natural next to the other videos they’ve watched.
Conversely, content sharing was the primary function of Instagram and Snapchat. It’s safe to assume that TikTok users are more interested in viewing content than creating it.

It’s crucial to get things right when posting advertisements on TikTok. You want your ad to blend in with the other information people are viewing, and you want to get audience attention right away.
TikTok offers four primary promotional avenues for users.


These are the first things a user sees upon launching the app. It’s a video commercial that takes up the whole screen and plays with the sound on; these have proven to be very effective for many brands. TopView commercials were ranked greatest in attention, lowest in annoyance, and lowest in skip choice in a survey conducted by Kantar.


Similar to sponsored Instagram posts, they will look like regular TikTok posts on a user’s For You feed but will be clearly labelled as paid material. One-third of the most successful commercials have a character that directly addresses the viewer. HASHTAG CHALLENGES, PHASE 3
If you’re familiar with TikTok, you know that difficulties and trends are the driving forces behind the platform. A lot of companies organise hashtag challenges and invite their customers to take part. It’s a fantastic method for generating good buzz about your brand while also getting some free publicity out of the deal.


Safe TikTok advertising can be found by tapping into an influencer’s following. You avoid the backlash that could come from a traditional brand advertisement and gain access to the influencer’s preexisting fan base.


Like with any other social media network, finding a reliable influencer to collaborate with on TikTok is a straightforward procedure. Be sure that the people you want to reach are already on TikTok. After that, you should investigate the type of material they’re consuming, such as the influencers they’re adhering to and the subreddits they’re active in on TikTok.

When it comes to TikTok, it’s essential to keep in mind that quality, not quantity, is what matters the most. Finding an influencer that is similar to (or even is) your target consumer is far more valuable than gaining access to massive following.
Strategies for collaborating with popular TikTok users

Finding the right influencers to collaborate with is the first step in establishing a productive partnership. An influencer network specialises on connecting marketers with influential people, whereas some influencers work through talent agencies.