An Ultimate Guide: How To Go Live On Instagram?

Instagram took a tremendous risk in 2019 by focusing on the vertical video format for Instagram Stories. Instagram live video in a mobile immersive format is on the up-and-up now, especially for those who want to get to know their audience better.

It’s one of Instagram’s best features and your best bet for reaching out to followers, drawing in new customers, and driving frequent sales.
Included with Instagram Stories is the Live feature.
With Instagram Live, you can go live in front of your followers and talk to them while you broadcast a video.

Live video streaming to your followers is a feature of Instagram Stories. Your photo will be featured in the narrative section, denoted by a colourful ring and the “LIVE” sign.
You would assume that shooting a little video lasting a few seconds or minutes is all there is to going live, given that Instagram Live is integrated into the Instagram stories vertical format.

Instagram Live broadcasts may only go on for a maximum of 4 hours. The Instagram story area will no longer display the video after the live session has ended.

The ins and outs of organising and broadcasting live videos on Instagram

The first step in getting your audience ready to watch a live video is to set up a broadcast schedule. You may skip this step and get right into streaming video whenever you like.

However, without advanced notice, viewers won’t be able to prepare for the event and could skip the live broadcast altogether.

Instagram live broadcasts should ideally be scheduled at least two hours in advance of when they will begin announcing and inviting viewers to participate. An appropriate example is provided below:

Step 1

The “+” button may be found in the upper right hand corner of your Instagram feed or profile.
Step 2

The “Live” option may be found under the Create menu on this page.
Step 3

After selecting “Schedule” from the menu on the left, the Live function will become active.
Step 4

There is now a blank space where you may add the video’s title and pick a launch time between three months and one hour in the future.
Step 5

Put in a time and date, then click the “Schedule Video” button.

Step 6

At the conclusion, you may choose to publish it as a post, which will automatically include the airtime. This is a crucial step in informing and reminding your followers about the live broadcast. You may also choose the “Share Later” button to make the announcement at a later time.

Recent Live Updates from Instagram

As a social media platform, Instagram’s monthly release of improvements and new features is par for the course.

We’re getting a firsthand look at how often Instagram rolls out upgrades to its app. The same can be said about Instagram Live.

The Instagram Live Timetable

One of the newest Instagram live upgrades this year is the scheduling feature we discussed above.

Users may now promote their scheduled live streams on their profiles just below the bio area, apart from the posts and articles.

It’s more convenient for viewers to schedule their own reminders by clicking on the opt-in form displayed during the live stream.

Followers of Instagram Live

The ability to subscribe to an Instagram account is one of the most popular changes made by brands and influencers.

Businesses can generate income via subscriptions. Creators can use them to supplement their revenue by making exclusive material available to paying subscribers.

Instagram Live allows content producers to broadcast exclusively to their users, allowing them to make personalised, in-person promotions.

This new Instagram feature is a fantastic tool for companies looking to boost their bottom line.

In-video advertisements

Advertisers and brands may now link Instagram users to their own online storefronts, landing pages, and other websites through the use of in-stream advertising.

In exchange for a modest monthly fee, company owners may get significant traffic and sales from their broadcasts.

These advertising were once known as IGTV commercials, however Instagram announced in February that it would be shutting down IGTV.

A host for Instagram Live

One of the newest features of Instagram Live is the ability to have a “Live moderator.” Creators may now assign a moderator to oversee the crowd and their conduct during a livestream.

Moderators get exclusive access. They may report bad behaviour, disable commenting for individual viewers, remove viewers from the live feed, and delete abusive remarks.

Instagram Live: Some Brand Examples

If you’re a business owner looking to develop your company, using Instagram Live into your marketing plan is a great move.

Let’s take a look at some real-world applications of Instagram Live to see how businesses may reap the benefits of this new tool.


You may reach a massive audience and boost engagement by hosting prizes on your Instagram page.

Remember that Instagram Live is available so that you may broadcast your contest in real-time and pick winners in front of your audience.

Say, for illustration purposes, you run a cosmetics company and would like to provide two women with complimentary makeup.


Brand recognition and credibility in the market may be improved by conducting interviews with industry leaders.

With Instagram Live, you can conduct informative and engaging interviews with thought leaders and experts in your field.

Start the interview in front of your viewers by using the feature that allows you to add another person to your live broadcast.